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Gender, Idols and Magic


Opening: Chamber Music: Duet

Iván Macias (Piano) and José Dolores Pérez (Clarinet)
Sonata para Piano y Clarinete de Saint-Saëns
At 22.30 hrs


Gloria Martín: “Housewife's Tasks”. Weavings on Fabric and Installation.
Martín Freire: “Create your Own Idol”. Photographic Installation.
Manolón el Mago: “The Vertigo of Perception”. Magic Show. At 23 hrs.

Special Preview: Friday, 23rd April, 2004 : 22:00 hrs.
Exhibition Ends: Friday, 21st May, 2004.
Opening Times: Monday s: 18:00 - 21:00 hrs. Tuesdays to Fridays: 12:00 - 14:00 hrs and 18:00 - 21:00 hrs.
All other times: Please call for arrangements.

   We are opening the exhibition “Gender, Idols and Magic” with Chamber Music, a Duet with Iván Macías, Piano (Moguer-Huelva, 1982) and José Dolores Pérez, Clarinet (Bonares, Huelva 1974). The idea is to transmit the permeability and confluences manifest in the human spirit, as well as, the diversity and tolerance necessary in our contemporary society.

   “Housewife´s Tasks" Gloria Martín Montaño (b: Alcalá de Guadaíra, Sevilla, 1980). “ Housewife´s Tasks” used to appear on the female identity card, as the profession for married women. Among the various tasks, assigned to the female sex, was sewing, an apparently simple domestic task. Here, this is used to narrate and publicise everything that the rigid patriarchal society wanted them to be quiet about. A language to tell stories; a tool to achieve the power over destiny, sometimes tacked by somebody else´s hands.

   In this exhibition, Gloria Martín, takes a look at tradition, her family tradition to express concepts related to a new interpretation of gender roles. An ancestral way to reflect on changing reality, a new reality for many women, a reality full of contradictions and filled with glances looking back to the past , but also... looking towards the future.

"As the woman that I am, sometimes I take it into my head,
to contemplate the ones that I could have been instead.
Lovely women, paragons of virtue, house-proud and good,
wives like my mother would wish me to be if I could”

(Fragment from the poem of Gioconda Belli, “I do not regret anything”)

   “Create your Own Idol" Rodrigo Martín Freire (b: Sevilla, 1975). Here, Freire invites us to reflect on the phenomenon of idols. A direct and emotive language, contrary to the intimate one of Gloria Martín. He forces us to think about how the masses are managed by those who manipulate the idols. He encourages us to hold the reins of our lives and not become inbeciles (in latin “in baculus” means the one who needs a walking-stick). We should not fall into the big evil of society, inbecility, needing idols to mark the course of our lives. On the contrary, we should create our own idols and live our lives as we want to and not how other people tell us we should.

   “The Vertigo of Preception" Manolón el Mago (b: Manuel Vidal Sierra, Sevilla, 1972),”. Magic is integrated with the world of art. Magic, in another manifestation, is capable of flattering us, making us more human. Of course, magic as a recreational element, will give us enjoyment and make us laugh with and at ourselves. Magic will prove that things are not as they seem to be. Reality is observable from different points of view. In a certain way, all the artistic manifestations that we will see at this opening are, without doubt, MAGIC!!.

Written by Carolina Conde
Translated by Carmen Alemán

Trigueros, Huelva, 22 de abril de 2004

Obertura. Sonata para Piano y Clarinete

Gloria Martín. Ajuar

Gloria Martín. Mis labores

Manolón el Mago

Gloria Martín. Ajuar

Gloria Martín. Ajuar


Iván Macías

José Dolores Pérez